Christmas Trio Box


Brand Las Chicas Del Cafe

There are two sample boxes to choose from; the coffee varietals box and the flavoured coffee box.  Each box has three samples of different coffees/ or flavours.  Each sample is enough to brew 16 cups of coffee. 

The varietals box contains the 2017 Christmas Blend, Catuai (Continental Roast) and Maracatu (Viennese Roast). 

The flavour box contains our Christmas flavours of Mistletoe Mocha (Chocolate & peppermint) and Frosty Nights (Toffee, Hazelnut, Cinnamon), along with the 2017 Christmas Blend. 

Every Christmas box contributes $2.00 towards Los Frutos del Cafe, international organization for sustainable community development.   A card explaining each of the blends and the fundraising efforts is included in the box.