Due to Covid-19 regulations our roastery continues to operate as curb side only. Orders received will be ready for either curb side pick up or shipping 48 hours after you receive your order confirmation email.

Six month Coffee Subscription


Brand Las Chicas Del Café

Coffee delivered right to your door for the next six months.  You don't have to worry about running out of coffee, or rushing out to buy something else.  

This is a great option if you want to commit to a six month coffee adventure. Don't think about ordering coffee anymore. Pay for it now, and look forward to receiving coffee for the next 6 consecutive months. You will receive your coffee by the second Wednesday or Thursday of each month.

Each month presents a theme, illustrated by two coffee varietals/ roast profile and curated by our roasting team. An exclusive invitation to access video tutorials and conversations in the cupping room sparked by the selected coffees.  Your own back stage coffee pass!  

If you enjoy 2-4 cups ( 6oz each) of coffee per day, and you follow standard brewing instructions of 8 grams of coffee per 6oz of water this subscription is perfect for you. Never run out of coffee again!

The subscription can be bought as a gift, be sure to add that in the notes/comments and make sure the shipping address reflects that as well.  It is a delicious option for those hard to buy on your list. 

At the end of your subscription, you will also receive a special discount code towards free shipping on any future order.