Our Roastery

Our roastery is located at Canada Southern (CASO) Railway Station building in St. Thomas, Ontario.  The CASO station has a rich heritage history, built in the 1870s around the same time that coffee was being established in our mountains in Nicaragua.

We wanted our roastery to feel like home, similar to our farmhouse at our family farm. When we saw the plaster walls, big windows, every nook and every wall of the station, it has so much history and heritage we thought it was a great way to unite the two.  Coffee is our passion, and we wanted a place that symbolized all the struggles coffee growers and everyone in coffee production face yet continue to stand and move forward.

Our roastery is unique because our walls aren't perfect or new, but they are strong , and the building has stood the test of time, just as our coffee heritage continues through the generations.

From plantation to cup, passion and traditions have paved the way for our coffee journey and we are so happy our home for our roastery embodies this.

Our Coffee

Our coffee has been produced and processed from plantation to roast with the utmost respect for quality and taste and it deserves each one of your uhmms and ahhhs!