Coffee beans being roasted by hand

There are smells and sounds that never leave you. For us, that smell is green beans roasted on a wood fire stove. The constant stirring of green beans on a clay pan and over the fire is a melody that filled our farm's kitchen every morning. Coffee was roasted every morning for the day's consumption. Those sounds and smells were our teachers when it came to roasting coffee. Roasting coffee was simply a natural progression from the days of playing on mountains of coffee beans and then savouring a cup with our family after dinner.

At Las Chicas del Cafe we roast on a P12 Probat drum roaster, not a clay pan over fire. Choosing a small batch roaster was a choice we made to maintain and honour the ritual of roasting the daily coffee consumption. Roasting 10 - 20 lbs batches allows us to monitor closely the quality control behind each roast. High quality standards are our way to respect and honour our heritage and coffee tradition. We promise to bring only the finest quality to our custom roasted beans.

We want you to think of coffee as one of the finest pleasures in life. Our coffee has been produced and processed from plantation to roast with the utmost respect for quality and taste and it deserves each one of your uhmms and ahhhs!

We are here to satisfy every coffee craving you may have. We invite you to come and discover with us the fusion of these green beans and roast profiles in your cup.

We roast on demand, never roasting more than 24hrs before your order is to be delivered. Delivery is within 48 hrs of our coffee being roasted. Our priority is the quality and taste of our coffee, and so our packaging is very simple. We are not interested in extending the shelf life of our coffee. We are interested in our customers tasting our coffee the way it was meant to taste-----freshly roasted.

Photo Credit: Chew & Co