About Las Chicas

Family owned & operated direct trade Nicaraguan coffees.


On November 4, 2005 we decided to take three generations of coffee growers and one generation of coffee importers a step further and founded Las Chicas del Café. We, Maria Fiallos and Valeria Fiallos-Soliman, roast and package coffee out of our location at 750 Talbot St. St. Thomas, ON. This is a long way from our native Nicaragua, and our family's coffee farm in Las Sabanas, Nicaragua. Coffee has defined us for four generations. A relationship that began as first steps were taken on coffee patios, has now blossomed into a passion for the perfect roast profile. Our coffee is a true testament to craftsmanship, as it is handled and processed by hand, from the time the coffee cherries are picked to the time the beans are packaged for our consumers. 


There are smells and sounds that never leave you. For us, that smell is green beans roasted on a wood fire stove. The constant stirring of green beans on a clay pan and over the fire is a melody that filled our farm's kitchen every morning.

Photo Credit: Chew & Co


Our family's coffee history begins with our great-grandfather who settled in the region of Las Sabanas with our great-grandmother and their 12 children. Our grandfather planted his first hectare of Arabica Typica on his father's farm at the age of thirteen.


Growing up in our beautiful mountains in Nicaragua tought us the importance of the biological pyramid that begins with bacteria and fungi, and continues with the unique roles that insects, birds, and small reptiles play in our plantations.