Photo Credit: Chew & Co

Growing up in our beautiful mountains in Nicaragua taught us the importance of the biological pyramid that begins with bacteria and fungi, and continues with the unique roles that insects, birds, and small reptiles play in our plantations. We are proud to walk through plantations that represent the goodness of agro-forestry, to see the birds that make our plantations their homes, and the beautiful trees that have stood tall for decades.

As the daughters of a coffee grower, we understand first hand the challenges small growers face every harvest. We foremost recognize the need for a fair market price to coffee growers. This price needs to reflect the cost of sustainable production; the investment required by their farm and their family's future, as well as a deserving profit. A coffee grower must first take care his or her family, before she or he can take care of the land and the environment. So, if we want a clean environment and a green earth, we must allow the grower to surpass a mere survival.

We are also happy to be able to contribute to our Canadian Community through our involvement in many community events, sponsoring and donating whenever possible to organizations like RowBust, F.A.C.E. I.T, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Big Brothers of London, Hospice of London, and London's Women's Abuse Centre.

As immigrants and recipients of much generosity from our Canadian community, we recognize the value in investing in children, their education and health and the overall sustainable development of communities. We are very honoured to support the Canadian Registered charity Los Frutos del Cafe. This is a charity very close to our hearts, with strong links to our communities, and we are happy to give full support to our charity.

Our Coffee

Our coffee has been produced and processed from plantation to roast with the utmost respect for quality and taste and it deserves each one of your uhmms and ahhhs!