Our family's coffee history begins with our great-grandfather who settled in the region of Las Sabanas with our great-grandmother and their 12 children. Our grandfather planted his first hectare of Arabica Typica on his father's farm at the age of thirteen. In those days, the only coffee variety planted in the area was Arabica Typica, and coffee plantations were planted using the little coffee trees that would spring from seeds dropped by birds, monkeys and other animals. Eventually our grandfather bought his own farm and did the entire coffee process from picking to sorting to transporting his coffee on mules to port. In those times there was no road to and from the mountains of Las Sabanas and coffee had to be transported on mules for two days to the nearest terminal on the Pacific Port where it would be shipped to Europe.

Following in his father's steps, our father began his work on the coffee plantations at the age of 12. He grew up working in all coffee labours such as picking, pulping, washing, drying, hulling, sorting, and loading mules, and eventually as his own father did, he planted his own plantations.

3 generationsOur childhood's best memories take place at our coffee farm. We grew up spending our mornings walking the coffee plantations with our father, playing on the coffee patios with our grandfather, part-taking in the ritual of mid-afternoon coffee with rosquillas(a true cookie delicacy from Nicaragua), and laying out at night on the coffee patios to look at the stars and hear our father play guitar.

We had our first sips of coffee well before our first year. And before we could handle a cup, our grandfather would pour a little bit of coffee on his saucer so we could take a few sips.

The civil war in Nicaragua eventually brought our family to Canada, and we made Canada our second/adoptive home. We are blessed that through these generations our roots and connection to our coffee farm were never lost. Our children had their first taste of coffee before their first year, and they have also run through the plantations and the coffee patios that saw us grow up. Our coffee farm is still the backdrop to some of the best memories our children enjoy.

Our Coffee

Our coffee has been produced and processed from plantation to roast with the utmost respect for quality and taste and it deserves each one of your uhmms and ahhhs!